Who We Are

Mqdira is a leading IT company with a powerful impact on the entire Kingdom. In fact, our ability to deliver the best and fastest smart solutions is not the only part that we are professional at. Our professionalism extends to the ability to program websites and applications of any type or idea, with providing the best technical solutions and consult. Furthermore, we are experts of digitalization or digital transformation. Through a group of competent professionals specialized in this field, we are able to meet and overcome all the challenges and obstacles to achieve the goal of developing the community comprehensively.

Our Vision

To reach the global market, not only as a leading consultancy and innovative innovator in IT and technology but also as a company that deserve to be at the forefront locally and globally. Our vision isn’t difficult as long as we develop our skills and improve our creative capabilities to exceed all the expectations in a manner that achieves the desires of our customers while keeping up with global technological development. Ultimately, achieving 2030 vision of the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia in the digital field at most. As we all believe that our beloved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia well always deserve our best.

Our Goal

We aim to accomplish our tasks and projects in the most efficient way. Our permanent slogan is quality and speed. We strive to maintain our structure and position by developing the technological and information technology field while providing all the services related. We have a 100% commitment to the full implementation of all work and assignments permanently. We intend to be a crucial part of raising our beloved Kingdom economy.



Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate any potential harness for our employees and cadres of experts in order to employ them in the service of our community to build and encourage the society of our beloved Kingdom to be developed, evolved and creative in a manner that allow us to contest other developed countries.




Our Odoo related products

Payroll - Saudi Arabia

Manage Payslips of employees (Batch)
Over time and Loans
Allowances and Deductions
Expenses Reimbursement

Loan Management

Manage employees loans
Request for a loan
Loan workflow
Loan monthly Accounting Entry     

End of Service

Compatible with Saudi Ministry of Labor calculator
Calculate eos amount of employee based on his contract
Related with accounting

Accounting - Saudi Arabia

Leave salary
Print journal voucher
Print asset details and depreciation board

Technologies we work with

Our team has huge expertise in JavaScript and Python stack which are considered to be the most popular and fast-growing technologies according to Stackoverflow and other surveys