Who We Are

Leading IT company

Our company it's a leading IT company and has a powerful impact on the entire Kingdom. In fact, it is not only our ability to deliver the best and fastest smart solutions in enterprise resource planning, But extends to our ability to program sites and applications, and to provide the best technical solutions and the best consultancy and digital transformation, through a group of competent professionals specialized in this field so that the company is able to meet all the challenges and overcome all obstacles to the pace and achieve the goals of development The comprehensive communities.

Our Vision

Is to reach out to the world, not only as a leading consultancy and innovative innovator in IT and technology, but also as a company that deserves to be at the forefront locally and globally. This is not difficult as long as we have the skills And creative capabilities that exceed all expectations in a manner that achieves the desires of all customers and in keeping with the great technological development, and ultimately achieving the progress of the queen in the digital field in general, because it really deserves the best.

Our Goal

We aim to accomplish many of the tasks and projects in the most efficient way for the customers. The quality and speed are the company's permanent slogan. The company aims to maintain its huge structure and position by developing the field of technology and information technology and providing all services. Commitment to the full implementation of all the work and matters assigned to it permanently, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of nominal is to raise the economy of the Kingdom.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is to take out all the potential and harness the human potential and cadres of experts and technology and all specialized competencies in order to employ them in the service of the community and to build a world of the Kingdom depends on the development and technology and creativity in a manner similar to other developed countries and makes the Kingdom parallel to it, the world.


ERP Odoo


Our Services

Our company services meet most of the technical needs of customers in their projects in order to develop and accelerate the business and ensure the desired results from all aspects and provide the necessary support and achieve excellence and selection of services.

ERP Odoo

Enterprise resources generally include human resources, accounting and many systems. Our company coordinates and employs all information to carry out and implement all scientific procedures and improve the performance of the organization. The planning process helps to support private resources and systems procedures that manage executive business as resource management functions Human and financial resources through a given database. The Enterprise Resource Planning and Management Strategy achieves the highest quality and highest performance for the organization by setting short and long term goals and achieving these objectives for the organization and helping it adapt to all environmental conditions.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is generally the introduction of digital technology in all businesses, resulting in the end of the overall changes in the business of the company and then providing the best services. In other words, the digital transformation reflects the different thinking and encourages innovation through increased use of technology to improve performance and digitize the assets. That is, the process of digital transformation is the process of transition from traditional models to digital models in a way that increases the value of revenues as a result of the innovation of services and products.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing and social networking are among the most important factors that have changed the way people live in the world. Digital marketing has helped to change the form of advertising and promotion and the process of offering goods and services, so it is able to provide this service in line with the requirements of the technological age, Their website is accessible to the largest number of Internet users and social networking sites.

Providing aircraft with internet

The use of the Internet on the plane is no longer as difficult as it was before. With us you can now easily browse the news, read your email, Twitter on Twitter, post posts and follow up friends' news on Facebook. The world wherever you are, and this sector has met a great roar and its prosperity has reached a great extent.

Web and app development

The company provides the site programming and applications in a way that ensures customers ease of use and ease of navigation as well, taking into account many other factors, such as safety, development and update after the work is tested before delivery and ensure all the information that may require the customer during the process of use and browsing, The most prominent services that distinguish our company "Mqdira" from other companies.

Technical systems solutions

Our company provides all solutions to technical problems in an integrated manner, in order to satisfy customers and investors, assist them in facing any technical problem, assist in the implementation of integrated solutions, integrated management solution, audit and control of information systems, In short, it can be said that our company can provide consultation to all organizations and bodies and contribute to the culture of institutions, as Maqdara seeks to be the chosen.


Contact Us

In case of any inquiry or service request please contact us or move to the company's headquarters in Ryiadh, KSA.


6171 Saeed Bin Zaid Street, Qortoba District, 13245-2836 Ryiadh, KSA